Preserved Moss Soundscape

From: $300.00 SGD

A novelty upsize to our usual preserved moss frame workshops.  Up-cycled from New Zealand pinewood, this session incorporates the use of a Bluetooth speaker – and for businesses – an optional QR code or customised typography for that Call-To-Action.  Decorate and jazz up your room now with your favourite tunes – also comes with 5 EQ presets on a remote!

Recommended for couples and suitable for that hands-on, personalised gifting experience that lasts.

Duration: 4 to 5 Hours for 2 pax (9am to 2pm daily. Last slot at 2pm)

  • Brief (15 minutes)
  • Bluetooth and speaker components (1 hour)
  • Mounting foliage and preserved moss (2 to 3 hours)
  • Optional QR Code / Typography (15 minutes)
  • 23  X 23 cm customised frame.
  • Minimal maintenance – no watering or lighting required
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Package Inclusion:

  • Customised 23 x 23cm upcycled pinewood frame
  • 1.5inch drivers
  • Bluetooth PCB board, connectors and USB power source
  • Remote control with 5 EQ presets
  • Premium preserved moss varieties, treated drift wood and foliage (France/ Japan / Europe)
  • All tools and materials provided.
  • Do note that a top up is required for materials outside of the package inclusion.


  • For businesses – Customised 1 year subscription of QR code OR Typography +$80 , renewable annually at $60 per QR code
  • For individuals – Customised QR Code + Typography within frame’s limit +$120, replaceable at $80 per design.
Preferred Date and Time Slot

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Basic moss frame with foliage only, With customised QR Code OR Typography, With customised QR code and typography