Preserved Moss Frame (Cork Bark)

$88.00 SGD

Using heat treated cork bark sheets imported from the U.S. and Portugal,  craft a 7 inch (12 x 17 cm) preserved moss frame with us this weekend. Workshop session involves striping and staining of raw cork bark in wood stain and dyes before piecing them together like the one illustrated.

2 to 3 Hours (For adhoc slots, do reach out)
Participants allowed:
Up to 2 pax per frame. Bring a loved one with you!

  • Minimal maintenance – no watering or lighting required
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Package Inclusion:

  • Imported and heat treated cork bark sheet / strips – free of pests!
  • Wood staining or dye solution
  • Preserved Pole, Bun and Reindeer Mosses.
  • 12 x 17 cm wooden frame (colours – birch, dark brown, subjected to availability)
  • All tools and materials provided.
  • Do note that a top up is required for materials outside of the package inclusion.



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