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Duration: 2 to 4 Hours (9am to 4pm daily. Last slot at 3pm)

In a collaboration with Koke.sg , Kolordama is our twist on the Japanese inspired kokedama. Kolordama means ‘Colourful Moss Ball’. The name is a combination of the words ‘Koke‘ (moss) , ‘colour’ and ‘dama‘ (ball)

Depending on the type of plant selected, Kolordama making involves the use of handmade coloured twines and various mediums to promote plant growth and bio-material production.

So why Kolordama?

Due to our climate – and the absence of proper acclimatisation – we have observed over time that a common yellowing or browning phenomenon occurs in imported mosses – especially in kokedamas crafted and retailed locally.

Our solution to this is replaced by a water resistant and UV coated preserved moss that is protected against fading and sun damage.

The result is a moss ball that lasts and defies all weather conditions.


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Package Inclusion:

  • UV and water resistant preserved flat moss varieties.
  • Basic / premium plant selection.
  • Handmade coloured twines
  •  Various mediums
  • All tools and materials provided.
  • Premium plant selection subjected to availability includes: –
    Everfresh (Pithecellobium Confertum),
    Sophora Prostrata “Little baby”,
    Bonsais (Premna Serratifolia),
    Pink Princess (Philodendron Erubescens),
    Variegated Pachira Aquatica,
    Jacaranda Mimosifolia.
Preferred Date and Time slot

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