Leng Zai / Leng Loi – Hey Gorgeous

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From Cantonese 靚女 / 靚仔 . Commonly used to describe a gorgeous lady or a handsome man.

We couldn’t decide, so we want to confuse you. Choose for him or for her, unless they are pretty ugly – just kidding! Jokes aside, tsk, some people… really need more make up on the inside than the outside. Singapore, be more graceful yaa? Ai Tzai, Don’t say Bo Jio

Dimensions: 28 x 28cm
Indoor use. Avoid sunlight and areas susceptible to rain.
Lead time: 2 to 3 weeks

Drop us an email or whatsapp us at for a consultation on your preferred colour scheme or to enquire.

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Dimensions: 28 X 28cm frame.

Carefully handpicked and heat treated. All moss art installations provided by us requires zero maintenance and comes with preserved flowers and backlit lights.

To manage client expectations, do expect 5 to 10% of colour disparity.


For Him, For Her

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